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Welcome to a fun and free website where you can test your knowledge on a variety of topics, and learn in the process. You choose the topic, then click on the 'Start Questions' button. One after another, the system will ask you multiple-choice questions, then explain the correct answers thereby enabling you to learn from the questions you get wrong.

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If you are a person with knowledge, please help us educate the world by authoring questions with corresponding answers and explanations. By contributing your knowledge, toward giving others an inexpensive way to learn, you will be donating something much more valuable than any monetary contribution to a charity. Education pays dividends over and over again, generation after generation, forever. To author a question, just go to the topic in which you have knowledge and click on the 'Create New Question' link below the topic tree.

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The ideas behind the creation of this website include many thoughtful contributions from members of the ECCO group (Evolution, Complexity and Cognition), directed by Professor Francis Heylighen, at the Free University of Brussels.